Online Canvassing - The Next Best Way to Reach Voters
Market to voters in their homes, directly on their phones, computers, and tablets.
(Yes, really.)
  •  Reach YOUR Voters: Use the VAN or other database to export a list of targeted voters, donors, or volunteers
  • Save and Leverage Money Spent on Direct Mail: Use Online Canvassing to reduce your mail universe, reduce your number of mailings, and/or to complement the mailings you have scheduled!
  •  Run Online Ads to Same Voters that you are canvassing and mailing and texting to reinforce your message and brand!   
  •  Reduce Wasted Time and Cost: Run online ads ONLY to registered voters - no wasted money boosting Facebook posts to people out of your district or who are not registered!
  • Customized Messaging: Use multiple universes and send multiple messages (e.g. have ads designed for strong Dems, moderate Dems, and persuadable voters).
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Kai Degner, Marketing Specialist

Kai has been a candidate FOUR times, and managed four campaigns.  He knows voter contact is key, and nothing can replace face-to-face time with the candidate. 

But, with all the competing needs and limited time in a campaign, the reality is it is unlikely a candidate or campaign can contact every voter. So, big money is needed for traditional marketing strategies like mail, print, and TV - but that's expensive, wasteful, and (often) poorly targeted.

Time are changing.  Kai is also an online marketer and entrepreneur, and he has adapted a leading edge technology to advertise online directly to voters you choose via the screens in their home.

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